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Yesterday, calling the citizens of Nanjing, a Sun newspaper named, said he was as a friend to the newspaper representatives who reflect the situation. Mr. Sun said that because of occupational and IC ICL3217CB and work requirements, he and several of his friends with two phone, one mobile company, first, China Unicom, the use of a number of them, they do not have the SIM in the temporary card set call forwarding, call transfer will be to use the number. This did not use what has failed, but this week has suddenly failed and he and his friends found that the number of mobile companies will no longer transfer calls to numbers on the Unicom, part of one's friends only know how to call mobile numbers , heard only "beep" sound that they can not contact them. The other hand, China Unicom is the normal number of instructions to implement a call transfer. Sun said that he and his friends have tried it a few days, the situation has not changed, and his mobile SIM card, there are 200 yuan on the balance of his friends there the balance of 300 yuan, is not suspected of a gross Mobile one-minute call money transfer fees earned too little it deliberately broken this business function? If so, can that is a big problem.

ICL3217CB Suppliers

He added: "This particular design concept is to provide mobile phone Google-class experience. Android operating system is completely open This will only hundreds of the first Android mobile platform ."

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Flip open the ice cream Ⅱ, 2.4-inch QVGA big screen is more crisp and ICL3217CB Price and clear, providing a very comfortable and beautiful visual experience! Ⅱ Although the overall thin delicate ice cream, keys are extremely spacious and comfortable, done a beautiful woman crystal children do not have to worry about the inconvenience. Large and comfortable keyboard, there is much space for you any lattice walk, the right button sensitive when the feedback intensity altogether, so feel good.

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