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Barcelona, February 2009 "World Mobile Communications Conference" on this project is a landmark point in time. February 17, launch high-level official named "GINA" of this project, the next day, Deutsche Telekom announced Android Huawei as its partner. With Huawei in the European market for many years of successful operation, in-depth understanding of Europe's leading operators business needs, including product planning, quality control and IC ICL7107CPL and delivery capacity requirements, Huawei has invested heavily developed, and maintained close communication with customers to clarify the complex custom needs, ensure timely delivery, the Pulse can be successfully listed in time for Christmas. This is the Huawei 3G phones to become a strategic partner Vodafone, after another top operators in Europe, cases of successful cooperation is persistent long-term commitment to investment in 3G mobile phones in return.

ICL7107CPL Suppliers

Huawei has a strong R & D strength is not the terminal industry secret. With the "Focus on the resale market operations," the depth of the business of custom terminal strategy to reconstruct operators under the control of industrial convergence point of the turning points and ICL7107CPL Suppliers and profit opportunities, the market seems to be Huawei's chances of winning in the end. Pulse in the T-Mobile's success is an example. In fact, this situation has occurred quietly in the Chinese market, according to market research firm Sino latest data released in September of this year, Huawei benefit from the depth of cooperation with China Telecom, sales CDMA60.8 million units, a single month mobile phone sales industry ranking jumped to fourth, beat powerhouse motorcycles and Sony Ericsson.

ICL7107CPL Price

In addition, 10 billion yuan of special venture capital fund has reaped little. First of all, it is feared by the Ministry of Industry in charge of specific enterprises that the Ministry of Finance released the funds directly to funding support in the choice of object is not transparent. Second, the 10 billion yuan for the high investment it is utterly inadequate for the chip industry. "Over the past years, financial support, allocation to the large number of small and ICL7107CPL Price and medium enterprises, each took only a few dollars just to get some business about the buy some books support, with little effect." Software and the Ministry of Industry Integrated Circuit Promotion Center, deputy director of Qiushan Qin said. Smart phones in the future as the leading global mobile phone market, has been among the first Android smartphone camp has been based on Huawei's capital. It's like Huawei a key point in the mobile phone market, with the pivot point, perhaps it really leveraging the future of the mobile phone market.

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