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Innolux, Chi Mei and IC ICL7660CBA and TPO to complete the merger process after the establishment of the new CMO will also expand the scale of 8.5 generation plant capacity. Innolux, Chi Mei and TPO three companies recently held Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders, respectively, by three in one motion, planning merger base date from the original April 30 to March 1 in advance. Innolux chairman and general manager, said section of the line built, triple the future after the new CMO, will change the sales model, sales of panels mainly to system builders in order to adjust. Taking into account the forthcoming completion of the merger, the group created the layout in mainland China than planned production plant in Chongqing, the other south, east of the module construction of new plants were put on hold.

ICL7660CBA Suppliers

Why lead-free solder? Because of the harmful nature of lead solder: Lead in solders Although the use of 1% of all the weak (3 million / 5 million tons), while the possibility of a broad spread of full recovery is difficult, due to environmental pollution, lead poisoning and ICL7660CBA Suppliers and other concerns on the human body. In epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) industry, halogen (fluorine F, chlorine Cl, Br Br, iodine 1) the application mainly in the plate and ink on. Epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) to form the final processing of the finished product, mainly includes three categories of substances: sheet metal, surface treatment (metal) layer and the ink. General Sheet FR-4, CEM-3 as a result contains large amounts of brominated epoxy resin, such as TBBPA, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, etc., in the combustion process, will release highly toxic substances, such as two dioxin (TCDO), benzene, furan, etc., once ingested by the body can not be discharged, a great threat to human health.

ICL7660CBA Price

control is very important lead-free materials. Management of raw materials are environmentally friendly epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) production of a very important aspect, such as tin lead solder bar as long as there are errors with pure tin bath will lead to disastrous consequences, and ICL7660CBA Price and indirect materials, such as of the residual flux can not be ignored, specific measures can be taken include: development of halogen-free raw materials, lead-free coding rules; using color-coded in its packaging and printed on the packaging approved by the IQA "green" label; in warehouse and production site of environmentally friendly raw materials to be stored separately, someone added the production site; to achieve "qualified supplier of green" certification program.

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