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Today, the song after the United States HD8800 up to 3 months of closed-door practice, the original "full-format, 1080P Full HD, full stream," the three top real trick to board the peak of the most high-definition MP4 to 8G / the price of 699 yuan Day landing, landing the national major vendors. support online simulation, offline simulation, configuration, etc., to facilitate operation of analog touch screen

ICL7660CPA Suppliers

Electronics Industry Development Zone, covers an area of 3,000 acres of park planning, construction of standard factory buildings and ICL7660CPA Suppliers and various ancillary facilities in 50 million square meters, can accommodate 80 companies, the sales income of 200 billion. Among them, the Microelectronics Industrial Park, plans to occupy 1,200 acres of the standard factory building and various ancillary facilities in 20 million square meters, can accommodate 30-50 electronics companies settled. Has built 12 million square meters standard workshop, more geese technology, legislation and Thailand, Golden Bay, Lions Park, optoelectronics, electronics companies settled. The electric light focused planning area of 2 square kilometers, construction of standard factory buildings and various ancillary facilities in 40 million square meters, can accommodate 30-50 electric light companies, the annual output value of 100 billion. Have been built out of glass tube, hair tube, the entire lamp assembly of energy-saving lamps and its related facilities. TEDA has been lighting, photovoltaic Ding Ji, Wei Si optoelectronics companies settled. Currently has the entire annual output of 1 billion light glass tube production capacity. support in English, Japanese and other multi-national language, any font, any size, but also can add artistic effects

ICL7660CPA Price

Recently, the worlds second-largest LCD panel makers LGDisplay (formerly known as LG-Philips, hereinafter referred to LGD) confirmed that several major LCD TV manufacturers to obtain purchase orders, including Sony, Panasonic will be the purchase of its large LCD panel . LGDs new CEO the right to Ying Ting said, Sony, Panasonic and ICL7660CPA Price and other manufacturers to respond to the LCD TV market growth and cost reduction needs, and Sony, Matsushita international first-tier makers reached a purchase agreement, and also is working with Dell and other computer makers consultation signing LCD panel procurement contracts . In addition, LGD LCD module plant in Guangzhou officially completed and put into operation, the right to life Ying also said it plans to build production bases in Guangzhou LCD panel production line, the design capacity of 40 million per year, on average, the annual output value of $ 7,000,000,000, in 2009 the beginning of mass production. It is reported that Skyworth, Konka and other Chinese home appliance manufacturers have reached a cooperation with LGD and panel procurement agreement. Shun Jie new 7-inch color touch screen, the original TP560 series in succession under the premise of the volume size, expanding the display and touch area, widescreen displays to users a new visual effects, clear and vivid display, elegant appearance.

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