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In the thousands of fast and IC ICM7218CIJI and accurate contact information in the phone to find a contact and information, is a very headache problem, but with three separate contacts positioning of cool 8310 cell phone but can easily be done, as the function of name, only three items can be accurately locked to the desired contact information. Since then look no longer boring, click touch pleasure. In addition, the Cool 8310 also can be associated with a contact phone records, SMS records, e-mail and scheduling information such as a one-time screening, eliminating tedious operation.

ICM7218CIJI Suppliers

Cool 8310 also has peace of mind of the remote anti-theft feature. With this powerful feature, even if the phone is not accidentally lost, do not worry. When the phone was replaced for the missing after the pre-set to accept the owner's phone will receive text messages to set a good message, via SMS to track the "who" stole the mobile phone, and ICM7218CIJI Suppliers and then can restore "order" message, the remote control the lost phone. Set a total of 9 commands to complete the call transfer call or text message, destroy data, return information, etc., to ensure that the owner no worries.

ICM7218CIJI Price

Phone judge the merits of handwriting input, is to identify the level and ICM7218CIJI Price and the input rate of fluency. 8310 Cool phone handwriting input and hardware are used on the preparation of the highest preparation, while the touch screen in order to prevent wear on the touch screen plus an advanced nano-film. This unique handwriting technology, in addition to a high recognition rate, more will make the process of writing as fun to fill the gap, and the Cool 8310 to support full-screen, handwriting box, Pinyin, strokes input to support the simple, complex, English, punctuation mixed input, pen and touch screen is good, handwriting very comfortable, similar to the real feeling of writing.

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