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Ic ICS525R-02I

In fact, AMD was originally intended to the next generation of graphics cards using GF 32nm technology and IC ICS525R-02I and new architecture, but now have to make compromises on the one hand continue to use TSMC power 40nm, on the other hand the rate structure has improved greatly reduced, and this is the "Southern Islands." As for the new technology, new structure of double leap, it means more than a year after the "Northern Islands" of the.

ICS525R-02I Suppliers

Figure 1: LSI and ICS525R-02I Suppliers and Agere Systems on the surface most of the existing business relationship is not Figure 2: LSI consumer electronics business two directions possible and Ageres network, mobile business collaboration

ICS525R-02I Price

With the big screen, MP4 can achieve more applications, we have already mentioned earlier, picture browsing these past "tasteless" feature will be the support of the big screen has become very practical, As in the C700 features on the digital photo frame has become one of the applications (Taipower has also prepared a special machine frame, so that "frame" more worthy of the name), same time, some manufacturers will own MP4 MP4 big screen playing a "color e-book "identity, hoping to take advantage of large-screen configuration, this year is very popular in the electronic paper book is also a slice of the market - MP4 is a substitute for professional e-books products have the ability to Shangqie aside, this" digital photo frame " "e" in the realization of cross-functional, meaning that there is a large screen.

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