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For this young consumer group of students, the price for a product will be more attention. To a small flash disk, for example, the top international manufacturers of natural products is the first choice of both quality assurance and IC IDT49FCT3805APY and go out and very face; the same time, product prices but also affordable, and do some fashion, dynamic elements. For these requirements, Lenovo's new NBA second-generation products totally do it, including the Rockets, barbarian team, Celtics and Nets four kinds of patterns of the Flash drive is designed for groups of young students in the amount of dynamic tailored to meet the students show their personality needs.

IDT49FCT3805APY Suppliers

With the active expansion of the domestic semiconductor factory 12-inch wafer rare consensus of all the recent, very positive about IC testing industry. With industry, said: "Domestic DRAM, on behalf of the industry are growing at such a pace to build a new plant, and IDT49FCT3805APY Suppliers and wafer testing of memory capacity, about five years to catch up." According to IEK statistics, 8-inch wafer test costs about the entire film 12% of the wafer, with the last three years to convert to 12-inch plant, grains per wafer unit manufacturing costs down to 8-inch 70% increase in the number of grain output, the proportion of unit manufacturing costs down, to keep 12-inch wafer test costs account for the cost of the entire wafer proportion to 20%. As the value of the entire piece of 12-inch wafer several times higher than the 8-inch, 12-inch wafer to enhance the yield, wafer test time is bound to increase substantially with mixed-signal, analog and memory and other diversified products to many original in the factory (Inhouse) has a wafer manufacturing capacity testing, large-scale Outsourcing, one to reduce investment in new equipment, but also raised the level of specialization. Taiwan Electrical and Yan Yao Quan is an important outsourcing TSMC partners, King Yuan electricity is to help UMC foundry wafer test business, the next five years from the 12-inch wafer factory duo expansion strategy analysis, the future operation of wafer test factory expected to show high growth. In addition, the force and the East China into the memory test plants, but also benefit from PSC, Elpida, ProMOS and other large DRAM factory 12-inch plant capacity expansion, revenue has even recorded a record high of more than ten months, and the expected wave rising trend, at least to the end of next year Mong.

IDT49FCT3805APY Price

Before we have fully seen RadeonHD5870/5850 gaming performance, but all from the AMD official data, the moisture is almost inevitable. Now, third-party results finally surfaced, but only 3DMark, but the old 3DMark2001SE. with an overclocked to 3.34GHz of Corei7-965Extreme, default frequencies RadeonHD5870 ran out of the 49,159 points, seems a bit too low, maybe really too 3DMark2001SE old.

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