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Ic IDT7025L17PF

2 DIMM slots and IC IDT7025L17PF and up to 8 USB2.0 interface, supports two ATA133 and two SerialATA150 ports, supports multiple RAID disk array modes. VT1617A onboard sound chip, providing 5.1-channel audio; VT6103 LAN chip provides 100Mbps Ethernet port, the products quoted as ¥ 588, hoping to CeBIT, BenQ Siemens shows the 6 sub-branded handsets - EL71, C81, CF61, CL71, E61, P51, but BenQ has not provided official details of these phones.

IDT7025L17PF Suppliers

micro-monitor issues to consider embedding the LCoS microdisplay can control electronic circuit included, so that the display cost reduction, and IDT7025L17PF Suppliers and the volume reduced. However, LCoS microdisplays are also some disadvantages, that is, the display is not illuminated, so when the need to increase their power and area, the need for additional lighting. LCoS microdisplay Another disadvantage is the formation of a continuous time the color of the circuit is very expensive and require more power.

IDT7025L17PF Price

Reported that China Mobile also said that the current reading terminal market, the major cell phone, laptop, PSP and IDT7025L17PF Price and so on, but all problems, such as mobile phone screen is too small to read up more tired, not easy to carry laptop and can not readily Read anywhere, PSP using the LCD screen, the main function of the game, read up fees eyes. Therefore, e-books more in line with this mobile terminal needs to read.

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