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Ic IDT71V016S20YI

rowth rate of the Chinese market is far less than 50% of the beginning of color TV manufacturers optimistic about the expected growth in the first 10 months of this year by only about 28%, industry forecasts sales target of 4,000 million was not achieved.

IDT71V016S20YI Suppliers

In navigation hardware, they built the third generation of professional satellite navigation SiRF chip, 20 channel fast positioning, positioning accuracy within 15 meters, rapid implementation Star Search. Fully built the famous map makers Lingtu Skywalker 6 navigation software, the quest for the national level and IDT71V016S20YI Suppliers and above 337 cities and 2,200 counties in the electronic map and road network information, covering 14 categories, 3.5 million facility point information dynamic display.

IDT71V016S20YI Price

price confusion, consumers are also some LED lights of the market chaos. Consumers feel no wrong. According to report, a large supermarket with more than a year after the LED lamp time, the turnover rate reached 80%, resulting in supermarket management refused to re-use LED lights. The reason is not the original product manufacturers, product is OEM, and IDT71V016S20YI Price and do not have any means of detection, there is no way to test product quality, much less quality control. Coincidentally, the North a few businesses on the Corporations LED lamps tested, we found that there are also serious and light decay heat and other issues.

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