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Ic IDT71V124SA15Y

According to Needham & Co.LLC EdwinMok analyst estimates in its latest research report, Intel, TSMC, South Asia Section, Toshiba, Samsung and IC IDT71V124SA15Y and other manufacturers, has been the opportunity to see the procurement of equipment. To foundry TSMC, for example, plans to 10,000 per month for 65 nm production, conversion of 45 and 40 nm in the hope that less than 1% of total revenue of 45 and 40 nm revenue in the fourth quarter can be raised to 10% of the GDP. The expected 45-nm TSMC equipment needed will begin shipping in late May, purchase amount about 3 to 4 million.

IDT71V124SA15Y Suppliers

The project is funded by the Rainbow Group and IDT71V124SA15Y Suppliers and Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone Industrial Corporation, and other modes of cooperation with the strategic use of their resources and strengths to build, will focus on the high generation TFT-LCD panel production line to build the biggest, the best chain, manufacturing and R & D on a set of flat-panel display industry park; supporting the building, including glass substrates, color filter, backlight module, including related industries, a relatively complete LCD industry chain; R & D centers set up flat panel display technology, breakthroughs in key technology and attain independent intellectual property rights, with leading domestic and world-class research and development capabilities of flat panel display technology.

IDT71V124SA15Y Price

Gates and IDT71V124SA15Y Price and leading to the exhibition site, although it is noon on the red carpet, where the registration for tickets, there are still many people, I waited a while to get badges to enter the venue. It seems attracted to visit, interviews, and watch the products to determine orientation of the people are still buying more than full. Large exhibition hall, marked out for us along the corridor is also very spacious, it briefly looked like the venue so a little bit empty. Another aspect of the exhibition are some of many people participating in the field in order to attract more people to pay attention, will sound out the deafening sound equipment. But this time all the manufacturers have not done so. Blue fire heart E-site, though still using the sound. But it is a beautiful baritone in the introduction, where sounds of their products, and does not think it will be noisy. Empty field and that does not seem to feel a noisy environment, so a little bit lonely, but in fact with a lot of people are still in the hair of each vendor's information booth where a large number of people there, like Data also need to wait to get a little while. The ladies are always too busy to meet. One by one like robots constantly busy. The exhibition hall, as if there is no external publicity 8000-10000 square meters big, dome-type building in the whole there is another half of the international exhibition of laser and photonics products. The number of units should be participating is also small, generally the impression that no more than 60. The figures for the number alone should be pretty good, but we hope to see more foreign companies wish to have to come true. Although we saw jornada also saw the ipaq, but they are more of a demonstration of some other manufacturers products. Rather than their own show.

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