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According to the report of UBS said it expects first-class computer motherboard manufacturers in the fourth quarter increased 14%, while growth in the same period in 2001-2004, worked 18-28 %. UBS said that if the tight chipset supply 10 can not be resolved until mid-May, which may cause delays in Christmas sales board. The investment bank expects the four major manufacturers of computer motherboards, computer motherboard shipments in the fourth quarter growth of only 12%.

IDT71V433S11PF Suppliers

demonstrated their capability, according to Shanghai Suning statistics show that consumption in a city such as Shanghai and IDT71V433S11PF Suppliers and other pointers, the LED backlighting by 2009 Q3 LCD TV sales accounted for the proportion of flat-screen TVs has reached 5%. LDK LDK's largest customer is the German Q-Cells, the relationship has now reached an impasse. The latter view, LDK agreed by the parties failed to perform obligations and termination The Chinese company with a 10-year supply agreement. news came the same day, LDK shares fell 23% yesterday, its closing price reported in the $ 5.8 .

IDT71V433S11PF Price

General said industry sources, Chinas panel makers SVA-NEC as 5 generations of inadequate supply of color filters can not produce 17-inch LCDMONITOR panels. From the results of view, SVA-NEC is possible to for 15-inch panel production, sooner or later to reduce the 17-inch panel production MONITOR, and IDT71V433S11PF Price and SVA-NEC to avoid talking about the matter in detail. Since Taiwans AMTC (AlliedMaterialTechnologyCorporation) interrupted the production of this section, the current poor state of 5th generation color filters. SVA-NEC currently from Japan DNP (DaiNipponPrinting) and Taiwan SintekPhotronic acquired color filter. Although SVA and Japan FujiPhotoFilm is to build a color filter factory, but can not seem to catch the latter half of this year, 6 million units of volume. FujiPhotoFilm last August had been made, this plant can reach 7 million units per month, in November began production.

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