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November 18, 2008, Intel released the world's new generation of processors based on Nehalem architecture - Intel Core i7. Core i7 processor's position from the LGA775 Core 2 Duo upgrade directly to the LGA1366, 45nm technology, the physical as four-core, support Hyper-Threading technology, direct virtual core of eight, three-level cache to the 8M, abnormal superior performance. For consumers, the computer turn into a new era. Toshiba TA-C100

IDT77V1254L25PGI Suppliers

AAT1149 step-down converter for portable designs to meet the strict requirements of the target space in the 2.7V to 5.5V input voltage range can be 1 mm high and IDT77V1254L25PGI Suppliers and thin inductor 0603 run, provide up to 400mA of load current. From 1.0V to the input voltage range by an external feedback resistor to program the output voltage. The device achieved a 98% efficiency, no load quiescent current of only 45 μA.

IDT77V1254L25PGI Price

In terms of functionality, FM2 integrated ALC655 Audio particle board provides 5.1 channel audio output. LAN side is rather special, the C51 northbridge with integrated MAC, EPoX FM2 using Brocom the PHY chip provides a 10/100M network interface. Computer News: As the one of the leading camera, how do you view the camera in 2006 development of the industry? What are the highlights? What are inadequate?

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