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Ic IH5043CWE

"establish and IC IH5043CWE and improve the national innovation system, first of all, we should increase investment in scientific research and funding in science and technology budget, the ratio of staff to enable more young people to get funding, peace of mind research. Second, are suitable for our country, the practical creative talents training plan, I very much agree to combine science and art education methods, art divergent, science and seeking common, innovation is to break the inherent mode of thinking, access to unique methods and ideas. Finally , should now be a direct impact on our national economy means innovation and integration of technological innovation and the introduction and absorption of secondary innovation, as a starting point. because when China comes to a technology barriers often exist, and how the existing conditions in the country to complete the process of innovation is that many practical problems faced by researchers. "species on the" China Electronics News "reporter said.

IH5043CWE Suppliers

Second, do a good job of enterprise information and IH5043CWE Suppliers and improve the level of industrial enterprises. According to the municipal government "vigorously promote the city on the Information Work of guidance", the Shenzhen Bureau of Trade and Industry formulated the "Shenzhen enterprise information to support key project approach", in the city industrial and technological progress of information arranged in a special fund, to encourage and guide and support the enterprise information construction. As of October 2007, a total of 70 companies identified key project information, and given financial support to 4,700 million. According to statistics, the proportion of support funds to 1:10 led to a strong business investment in information technology. Construction of key projects through information technology, flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) and computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) and other information technologies are widely used, companies increased R & D, production, marketing, management, enhance competitiveness, but also led me City pillar industries - electronics and information industry and the textiles and clothing, gold jewelry, building materials, printing, machinery, and other advantages of the comprehensive competitiveness of traditional industries increased, and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits.

IH5043CWE Price

Delta Electronics Chairman Bruce Cheng yesterday (7) days that while the financial crisis, but the market still has opportunities, LED is one of them; LED lights this year Development will be useful. But he did not say Delta shipments of LED lights and IH5043CWE Price and time points. It is understood that the layout of LED lights Delta, with emphasis on the Spanish mainland and the European market, the fastest shipping this month to 5.5 meters to 12 meters bar bar products.

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