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Ic IK21208-L

NVIDIA platform for business users to the general manager DrewHenry with MCP7A by IntelATOM processor motherboard chipset PicoITX, size 10cmx7.2cm, processor IntelAtomN230, core frequency of 1.6GHz, match NVIDIAMCP7A Integrated DirectX10 graphics core chipset support PureVideoHD decoding engine, CUDA, and IC IK21208-L and PhsyX physics acceleration engine.

IK21208-L Suppliers

Application for those near the eye of the device near the eyes, as in the display market in the main product for all the problems, OLEDoS micro-displays offer a possible solution approach. Done in the IC on organic diodes can provide similar wide viewing angle of the CRT (cathode ray tube) from each pixel of the full shade. The basic feature is the OLED technology can provide many benefits than LCoS. Because OLEDoS microdisplay emission, so they have a wider than the LCoS microdisplay perspective, and IK21208-L Suppliers and because of their positive perspective on the whole has the same brightness, so they allow a greater field of vision and excellent optical image.

IK21208-L Price

Gehua have been with the Hong Kong Fubon Media Limited signed an agreement, the two sides will set up a joint venture company, the initial capital amounted to 100 million yuan. The two sides are invested its own funds, which invested 20 million yuan Gehua, accounting for 20% of the total registered capital; Fubon subscribed 80 million yuan, accounting for 80% of the total registered capital. 3 years, Gehua entitled to set up joint venture to buy when the price of its holdings to Fubon 20% stake in the joint venture.

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