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Ic IK31301-L

while the existing size of the mainland and IC IK31301-L and Taiwan IC packaging and testing plant two, three, four-line plant similar to low-cost, low pin count and cash outflow (overflow) of the economic model for the order, then these companies still have its value. But the situation also shows that the mainland through joint ventures with international companies, and actively introduce advanced technology, development of high-end packaging and testing technology to show the ambition Furthermore, if the mainland through the cooperation with international manufacturers access to advanced technology, and then promote local packaging and testing industry, technology upgrading and transformation, the future high-end and low-end products in the line, how many of Taiwans IC packaging and testing industry, but also the global competitiveness of threat.

IK31301-L Suppliers

CPUMotorolaDragonBall-EZ? MC68EZ32816MHzRAM/ROM2MBFlash/2MB size 11.5 cm × 7.7 × 1 cm Weight 113 g enhanced LCD display screen technology --- whether in dim light or in bright light than , all angles are easy to watch; monochrome 16 gray; operating system PalmOS3.0 desktop management program calendar, address book, scheduling, memo, expense report template (Excel5.0 or higher), mail, and IK31301-L Suppliers and Word, with MicrosoftExcel drag connection, desktop import and export formats: CSV, TAB and limited TXT, PalmOS3.0 scalable hardware attachment hardware components (such as modem) via the serial port to add one month battery life, through the HotSync cradle for charging lithium-ion battery automatically connection with the TCP / IP software enables Internet-based applications and e-mail infrared interface can be e-business cards, telephone directory, accessories to support the application of IR transmission of the Palm device. IR-phones, printers and other devices can use a third party's transmission system or the system requirements of any AppleMacintosh PowerPC compatible processor, 7.5.3 or higher operating system, CD-ROM drive, a serial or USB ports available # # # # #

IK31301-L Price

DisplayPlusD241H 24-inch Smart Display, which includes Freescale's high-performance, feature-rich applications processor i.MX515 to support the micro-parts applications and IK31301-L Price and multimedia playback. The display also integrates Freescale's MC13892 power management IC and SGTL5000 audio codecs.

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