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UMC December 2004 quarter attempt upside line, without success, after being reduced foreign investment code, 6 days, the less code the number of sheets over 112,100. Look under 11, by Morgan Q1 capacity utilization to 62% and IC ILD2 and lowered its profit forecast of 2005, the stock has arrived in touch low band, 12, broke the end, to close at 18.9 yuan. UMC and the announcement to clarify press reports quoting Morgan Stanley research report, did not turn to and ship a single, but UMC customers have turned to, and ship orders.

ILD2 Suppliers

Hardware configuration, the Nokia N81 features a AMR11 processor, clocked at 369MHz, it has 42MB of memory to run, the overall speed is very good. Software, the Nokia N81 using Symbian9.2 S60 third edition operating system and ILD2 Suppliers and user interface, can support more third-party software, easy to play strong.

ILD2 Price

LG Electronics Mobile Communications Business, said the Minister Wen Park, LG Electronics has been using cutting-edge technology to provide consumers with the necessary products, even with 2005 hit a record of cutting-edge CDMA mobile phone market share of the world's first success, and ILD2 Price and further consolidated high-end brand image. In the future, LG Electronics will control the market through expansion of existing GSM CDMA market, strengthening business and VerizonEV-DO 3G mobile phone business in North America CingularWCDMA other and eventually become the North American mobile phone market, the real "TopPlayer".

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