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NAND Flash content card grace Zha Xian replace DVD is not far away! Analysis, according to Taiwan media reports, with the price of NAND Flash in 2007 a corresponding rise in abnormalities, as well as copyright issues of digital content has yet to identify all solutions, the industry generally expect, NAND Flash application will replace the DVD market is not far! Pre-loaded digital content, especially content cards (Content Card), is considered to be the future trend of industrial development. Content cards that flash memory cards pre-loaded digital content, download content, including films, music, advertising, video, games, novels, maps, manuals and IC IMIZ9952AA and other propaganda, to store applications, the market form part of the market with DVD overlap. However, at this stage can not replace the contents of cards DVD, mainly stuck in the cost structure, the current NAND Flash price is too high, an 8Gb chip to $ 7, while the 16Gb chip prices as high as $ 14, are the market opportunities for content cards deterred. NAND Flash in addition to the current price is too high, the contents of another card, obstacles to market development, is the copyright of digital content management problems not yet fully mature. Therefore, this also involves the problem of multilateral cooperation. But there are also cases of cooperation, pilot chopper. Thai Association for Science and Technology will launch before SD, microSD, Super Stick card test the water temperature, etc., interested in re-ignited the contents of card market boom. Flash Card Factory in cooperation with the control chip industry, to jointly develop chips for the content of the control card to seize the market, the industry analysis, in the future, the content card market will be unlimited potential.

IMIZ9952AA Suppliers

moments happened too fast You can not capture the fleeting beauty of screen time? When the Internet and IMIZ9952AA Suppliers and media celebrities "running man" to surf in the crossing, on the bus, car collision in the moment "temporary wave of micro-step," lamented his magic you speeding? If the wind shadow can show photos, is not there is a different taste?

IMIZ9952AA Price

M1 NeilMontefiore CEO, said: "Nokia's first HSPA network in Singapore to sign supply contracts can be regarded as an important milestone for M1. This move underscores our commitment to re- : In order to provide our customers with high quality mobile services, it will speed and IMIZ9952AA Price and mobility with a higher combination of a wide range of network coverage, support and general business users need data-intensive applications. With HSPA, we can move download large files, multimedia and music, greatly reducing the normal time to complete these operations. There is no doubt that this technology will truly enhance the customer's mobile experience and greatly improves their quality of life outside ."

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