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the LED is a new sunrise industry, so the standard around the world development work are currently underway. United States, Germany, Japan, Korea and IC IMP813LCPA and China Taiwan attach great importance to the standardization of LED lighting. The U.S. has introduced a number of LED standards, but was significantly accelerate the introduction of speed trend, and Taiwan has recently introduced a number of related standards. Industry have suggested that our country can the extent appropriate with some countries and regions such as Taiwan, joint research and development of standards, after all, is inseparable from national standard-setting international environment to pass on the benefit of the industry.

IMP813LCPA Suppliers

participation in standards development in the Timor Optoelectronics Co., Ltd Technical Director, Compliance Su Hui believes that higher levels of technology companies, the introduction of standards of business is very useful. As the industry standard is very low before, not even the standard, leading to the powers and IMP813LCPA Suppliers and responsibilities between the upstream and downstream enterprises is not clear, the upstream and downstream enterprise customers to more disputes. Sometimes in order to meet various business needs, but increased cost and technical pressures. After the introduction of the standards is to avoid this phenomenon, we all can follow the norms of production and sales.

IMP813LCPA Price

Information Co., Ltd. Hangzhou distance optical PAN Jian, chairman and IMP813LCPA Price and chief technology officer, said the root, the standard for most companies is the introduction of long-term benefit. Despite the small number of enterprises will not feel, but as long as standard with a clear, corporate short-term pains will immediately after adaptation, the final out of the business should be really small. He therefore suggested a new business and product planning, market positioning, and strive to seize after the introduction of LED lighting standards brought about by the LED industry structure adjustment of new opportunities to invest the necessary quality assurance measures, for an early occupation of high ground.

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