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Recently, the mainland by the foundry Hua Hong NEC LCD driver IC chip clients to vote to reduce spread, and IC INA110KU and some customers in Taiwan LCD driver IC design system in addition to suspension of Taiwan chip foundries to increase investment, the mainland released on behalf of the foundry work orders has shrunk dramatically. Large-size LCD monitors because the mainland end demand has been given before the preparation of the inventory to meet, so the upstream foundry, packaging and testing industry for fear of speed down a new wave of orders are "shaved the other." And Suzhou and Shanghai Hua Hong NEC reports that the chip will be used in Japan is developing the next generation of large computer data processor.

INA110KU Suppliers

global warming as well as traditional energy prices is the driving force to promote the photovoltaic industry, the next 5-10 Nianguang volt battery to maintain 30% growth rate. about 85% of global polysilicon production using modified Siemens process, the other 15% mainly in bed, silane and INA110KU Suppliers and other production methods. According to the Japanese Kyodo news agency reported that single computing chip 512 billion times per second, processing speed in the world.

INA110KU Price

[NEW YORK September 22 Beijing News] Motorola Q Series Q9 is the mid-Owen, although the performance has no competitive advantage, but as a pioneer of the Department Q, Q9 is still no lack of attention, although the performance in general, Q9 price is very low, however, the current price of the aircraft in the business phone is only 51 899 yuan, great value. University of Tokyo and INA110KU Price and National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Joint Study Group formed in November 6, 2006 announced that they successfully developed the "worlds fastest chip."

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