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DisplaySearch of the report, the fourth quarter of 2005 LCD display module sales of 14 billion U.S. dollars more than 13% in the third quarter, up 78% over the previous year. From the 2005 full year, LCD panel shipments increased 58%, to 218.5 million, while sales rose 25% to 440 billion U.S. dollars.

INA118UB Suppliers

Power Integrations Doug Bailey, vice president of marketing, said: "By using LinkSwitch-II, lighting designers to design a solution that will meet the power LED with high efficiency, long life safety and INA118UB Suppliers and reliability requirements. primary side regulation technology eliminates the need for lossy secondary-side circuitry, combined with our EcoSmart energy-efficient technology, can easily achieve high efficiency and cost-effective offline LED driver. "Bailey then said: "LinkSwitch-II by a number of integrated security features, when the feedback loop disconnected due to failure of external components, you can ensure that the power automatically turn off. The device can also monitor their own temperature and fault conditions or lighting was installed in the automatic shutdown to prevent overheating lamp body, which in turn provides system designers and end users to increase the level of security protection. Moreover, LinkSwitch-II has never lived up to Power Integrations good reputation for reliability, LinkSwitch-II in the 700 V MOSFET can provide more powerful input surge protection, and input surge damage to ordinary light bulbs usually ."

INA118UB Price

Splicing LCD market in 2009 swept the star product - Samsung 460UT, is the world leader Samsung introduced the first seamless 6.7mm LCD bilateral patchwork mosaic display, then the LCD market set off a burst of splicing "seamless" splicing wind, then, other domestic and INA118UB Price and foreign commercial large screen manufacturers have also launched similar products to follow.

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