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Global Semiconductor Industry Association, director of industrial research and IC INA132UA and statistics department, Dante Dr. Lei Xi, said: "This survey shows originally for the semiconductor industry, will replace the copper wires of gold a lot of discussion, is currently being considered will start in some new products for applications. However, the industry there are still some concerns for copper, for its reliability, and its The key industries of high technology and potential limitations, including the automotive industry ."

INA132UA Suppliers

World Gold Council, the industrial sector director, Richard? Holliday, said: "The survey results show that the industry in packaging technology for the application of copper is still held great reservations about the attitude. Obviously, gold has a proven record of reliability and INA132UA Suppliers and performance, industry professionals still value it. We plan to conduct further studies to explore the reliability of copper relative to the reliability of gold the degree of difference. Although electronic products in the recyclability of the end of life is becoming an increasingly important issue, but what is surprising is that the value of gold in the electronic waste recycling in the economic vitality of the important role played by, only a very a small number of design or IDM business impact ."

INA132UA Price

For the consideration of sustainable development, equipment and INA132UA Price and device manufacturers often promote the recycling of design principles, for the IDM and fabless companies, this seems not yet a significant problem. Although half of the respondents are aware of, gold accounted for some of the durable parts of electronic products in more than 50% of the economic value (which supports the economic viability of recycling of electronic products), but the survey also showed that only 21% of enterprises in the choice of connecting wires, and taking into account the recycling of electronic waste.

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