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Ic INA2134PA

Acceptance by the Expert Group, Xidian University, "Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Materials and IC INA2134PA and Devices" After two years the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of construction period of trial operation, the Ministry of Education has recently informed the official opening of its operation. The Key Laboratory of open edge side of the building after several years and made remarkable achievements. "973" nearly 40 research projects and other important items, get 5 provincial Science and Technology Award, won the national invention patent 5, SCI, EI, ISTP 376 Pianci papers included. GaN and SiC established electronic materials and devices research platform, part of the research results to reach the international advanced level.

INA2134PA Suppliers

igher corporate use anti-static indicator LED (chip), will be able to solve your LED static electricity leakage, dead lights, quality accident, because the anti-static high LED, it can adapt to environment, such as LED above the static in the 2000V, it is generally able to withstand the environment of our common static electricity to more than 3000V LED is not deliberate in strengthening the control environment static, permanent shine.

INA2134PA Price

this, SMIC has not published a number of comments the spokesman, but said the lawyer, Richard Chang has to deal with the matter. As the Taiwan authorities expressed dissatisfaction with the penalty, Richard Chang had to give up Taiwan has applied for residence. But the "Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs," argues that Zhang was created in 2000-2002 when the remains SMIC China Taiwan household registration should therefore be subject to the penalty until the revocation of all investments in the Mainland.

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