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Cypress Japan Hitoshi Yoshizawa, general manager, said: "TrueTouch solution because of its unmatched flexibility and IC INT51X1AO and performance are more and more leading companies in Japan ages. And, our flexible business model is one of the reasons customers choose Cypress, namely: We allow them to choose their own suppliers, rather than requiring them to purchase a fixed touch screen module ."

INT51X1AO Suppliers

with TI to use low-noise op amps, the device can be realized to maximize performance: a high-precision low-noise FET input OPA827 can be high impedance output source; TI industrys lowest noise, ± 18 V low-power operational amplifier OPA211. The ADC with many, including TI TMS320F2812 microprocessor and INT51X1AO Suppliers and embedded controller, including both smooth collaboration. ith LQFP-64 package ADS8556 is available now, the product with 14-bit ADS8557 and ADS8558 12-bit pin-compatible.

INT51X1AO Price

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