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Ic IR2106PBF

As a global leader in the video industry, ViewSonic has been leading the development direction of the display industry, from CRT to LCD, from the response time, large screen, wide screen to the color, full high-definition revolution, ViewSonic has always been the forefront. Early 2009, ViewSonic has released the first in China, the world's first 3D LCD Monitor - ViewSonic VX2265wm, then the world's first 120Hz3D Projector - ViewSonic PJD6210-3D also in Beijing world premiere, the current 3D LCD Monitor ViewSonic ChinaJoy upgrade X2268wm raised again the scene in hot pursuit of the player. ViewSonic 3D displays a three-dimensional stereoscopic display marks the birth of a new era. Some media said that "2009 is a 3D display of the first year." This is not only revolutionized the field of a PC, also contributed to the field of 3D gaming experience to the start of a landmark. NVIDIA (NVIDIA) Asia Pacific director of brand and IC IR2106PBF and marketing services

IR2106PBF Suppliers

1. Clear the LCD the direction of flat panel display industry. At present, domestic listed companies involved in the LCD panel and IR2106PBF Suppliers and related products manufacturing companies include: BOE, LEYBOLD Tech (002,106, stock it), Shen Tianma, SVA Electron (600,602, stock it). Among them, the BOE, Shen Tianma and Leybold Tech has under construction, and related products LCD panel project. 2.5 Leybold Tech empty box on behalf of TFT-LCD project has also been partially built, is expected to reach full production later this year. And Shen Tianma in Shanghai, after a 4.5-generation line in Chengdu and Wuhan have started the construction of 4.5-generation line. BOE as the domestic large-size LCD panel of leading enterprises, the project has now been launched 4.5-generation line in Chengdu, and is located in Hefei, 6 Line, and on the 8th generation line within the project feasibility and feasibility studies. The companies will benefit from flat panel display industry promotion policy, can be focused.

IR2106PBF Price

Denglei the role of mirror is now increasing, the number of climbers and IR2106PBF Price and photographers should make clear its main use, there is protection for the camera viewfinder or patting. Leaves out of a recent model for the new green leaves Stuart 40.5mm lens 82C in the products, which are larger diameter, and is more suitable for more professional cameras, camera use. The following Xiaobian gave you this product.

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