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Some experts expect the price of flash memory will quickly come down, while the density will also be improved to make it in more applications can replace the hard disk. However, it was also pointed out that the price of hard drives at the same rate will also decrease the rate of capacity increase may be faster. According to sources, Apple is likely to Samsung, its flash memory supplier to get a discount, but the prices can not last long, then Apple is likely to fall into a dilemma. Ministry of Information Industry, Deputy Director General Planning Department, said Wei Jun, 2010, Chinas information industry revenues will reach 10 trillion yuan, accounting for gdp of the

IR2130S Suppliers

From the early 20th century, 90 to 10 billion yuan to 2000 billion yuan, China has nearly 10 years. Rose from billion to billion dollar, China in just six years. There is no doubt that the rapid development of Chinas semiconductor industry, but also Chinas semiconductor demand in the expanding market. According to CCID Consultings data show that in 2006 Chinas semiconductor market exceeded 580 billion yuan, of which IC market achieved sales of 486.3 billion yuan, an increase of 27.8%, while from 2002 to 2006 annual compound growth rate of 33.6%, but the growth rate 3-year consecutive decline in the market is that China has entered ic steady growth.

IR2130S Price

Japanese Shelter motor for improved use development of shops and IR2130S Price and billboards, and do not use mercury in fluorescent lamps "XEFL", and its large LCD display for the backlight for sales purposes. The fluorescent light-emitting efficiency of 10%, life expectancy increased by 50%. Can be made about 1.5m long, the largest 120-inch LCD panel support.

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