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Ic IR2132J

MP power system, using the most advanced on-line double-conversion circuit. At the same time, through the "N + X" level of parallel redundant systems, wireless connection technology, has greatly improved the reliability of UPS systems. All modular system design, each module is hot-pluggable achieve zero power during maintenance. Innovative dual input / dual output design, all the way more than the average UPS protection, to meet user requirements for high reliability.

IR2132J Suppliers

Xilinx (Xilinx), President, Chairman and IR2132J Suppliers and CEO WimRoelandts recently issued a warning to the semiconductor industry will have a moderate growth in the near future, but only three IC manufacturing business model can experience challenges. At the DesignCon conference, Roelandts predicted IC industry growth rate of 10% or so. Expected in some markets will be faster than growth in other markets, he believes that "now in a growth cycle, and many market-driven growth from memory, and memory, the fastest growing market." FPGA for Xilinx and other manufacturers are also The good news, "we have seen many design activities." keynote speech at the DesignCon, Xilinx chief executive officer, said growth will come from promoting a new round of industry cycle. "We are entering the next phase, some people call it tripleplay." Another name on the industry cycle, digital integrated voice, data and other technical end integration. Meanwhile, during the meeting he also predict the future there will only be three types of IC industry, chip manufacturing business model: Intel, memory, and fabless semiconductor companies (fabless) / foundry. Intel, of course, will continue to build their own fabs, the development process for its processors. Memory manufacturers will continue to build the factory, although many have begun to share the risk and cost through cooperation. Traditional fab or integrated manufacturing (IDM) model under pressure, the next few years, IDM will appear to light wafer "fablite" model transformation boom. Texas Instruments (TI) said it will work closely with foundries to stop internal and independent 45-nm logic process. The shocking announcement, TI said it will continue to maintain its own fabs, including logic and analog chip manufacturing business. However, the company said many of the business logic process with fab partners. Recently, FreescaleSemiconductor (Freescale) and STMicroelectronics (ST) were revised their chip manufacturing and R & D mode.

IR2132J Price

Benefit to develop successful export markets, and IR2132J Price and new products, new production capacity benefit show, large tools Factory orders continue to heat, the current visibility of orders 3 to 6 months, next year, AWEA estimates, the East Terrace and revenue still BIRTH 15-20% growth rate. AWEA Electrical strength of this growth came from expanding sales channels in Europe and America, and the successful expansion of emerging markets, which, in replacing DOOSAN - DAEWOO, the Italian agent TECNOMACH major suppliers, the AWEA orders this year, the amount of orders significantly increased, the current orders in hand worth about 1.48 billion Taiwan dollars, order visibility up to 6 months, estimated Q4 revenue of 930 million yuan, better than the company expected 837 million, our continued single- record monthly high. To Chi Mei Optoelectronics, the amount of expected revenue contribution of about 258 million next year, panel makers have the opportunity to add additional customers, legal persons can be estimated revenue growth of about 5 percent, reaching 386 million yuan level to 35% gross margin point of view 40%. East end of platform 10, the amount is still not yet shipped 1.75 billion of orders, order visibility is not low, coupled with completion of the preliminary Luchu Science Park plant expansion plans, expected revenue of 6.352 billion yuan next year, representing growth of 16.5% this year , excluding the interests of the East Jie punishment of about 769 million after-tax earnings, after-tax earnings per share 5.29 yuan. BIRTH machinery for Taiwans large lathe for machining centers and leading computer manufacturers, major markets in Europe and America, with the U.S. share of total revenue of about 46%, Europe 27%, two thirds of the current products Machining Center , product gross margin around 24% to 25%, up to 50% of mainframe species, and the remaining product line also computer lathe, gross margin of about 24%. BIRTH visibility of the current orders over 4 months, 1 quarter of next year as 5-sided / 5-axis of the new product was formally introduced into mass production, coupled with successful development of the Middle East market, corporate can be expected next year rose to 1.838 billion revenue Yuan, annual growth rate of 16.3%, after-tax surplus of 275 million yuan, 4.44 yuan per share after-tax earnings.

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