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Ic IR2133J

"no longer linked to paste the stone wall, stainless steel, glass, wood and IC IR2133J and other decorative materials, the concrete surface after the brush to make a simple repair decorative effect can be achieved by protecting agent, save a lot of re-decoration cost and time, reflecting the Green Olympics. "Speaking of the many benefits of plain concrete, the design feel quite satisfied with the host Lin Lin.

IR2133J Suppliers

Digital Beijing Building, 57 meters high, building construction by a combination of 4 pieces, shape, or enlarged as an integrated circuit chip. From the outside, like a huge server, full of the information age of fashion. Positive through the narrow glass with analog circuits on a chip, and IR2133J Suppliers and the gray and black colors together to complete the master of the "chip" of the perfect interpretation. Moderator Lin Lin told reporters that the design, its design inspired by an "accidental discovery." Open the back cover in the host computer once, after, I saw the exposed integrated circuit version of the feeling of great numbers, and technology, so they will be building designs germination as a "chip" look like wonderful ideas.

IR2133J Price

If the "Water Cube" effect is the most fantastic building, "Birds Nest" is the most imaginative construction, which is the Digital Beijing Building, that most "alternative" building, its like "chip" the general appearance of cool black-hyun will make people want to go find out from afar. Into the interior, plenty of water and IR2133J Price and late concrete decorative style without modification not only eliminates the "re-decoration," the waste and the damage caused to the environment, but also embodies the most original architectural character.

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