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Ic IR2184

TI RFID Systems Director responsible for asset tracking Mikael Ahlund said: "The general UHF transponder close to the metal, the read range will be greatly affected, because the UHF signal is significantly attenuated in the metal surface. And with Sontec mount metal (Mount-on -Metal) packaging technology, even attached to the metal surface, UHF Gen 2 tags can work efficiently and IC IR2184 and maintain a very good read range, which helps us to provide a variety of supply chain solutions, to enable us to meet the standards based on the further realization of performance improvement has taken an important step. "

IR2184 Suppliers

Thermal design, Unika version for the Promise HD4850 is equipped with a quality reputation Mavericks excellent double-ball fan Flycool 7 radiator, the radiator with a diameter of 8cm cooling fan, so that products can ensure Apart from a good cooling effect, but also in very good noise performance.

IR2184 Price

view from the third quarter, net profit increase of thermal power class of only 9% in the third quarter, gross margin declined fired power about 2%, industry analysts believe that The momentum in the next quarter will be more apparent.

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