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Ic IR2526

mag "fantasy" WG24D overall use of matte black material, the bottom border using "floating Design", highlight the entire display black trim looks structured, Founder of the next screen, like a touch of silver buttons at the reflecting on it.

IR2526 Suppliers

To declare that I am not anti-Hi-End audio, just taking advantage of the working gap, to give personal experiences and IR2526 Suppliers and ideas. Honestly, though I play the DIY audio from the primary school, but only really listened to the first year until the so-called Hi-End audio. Impression of the Hi-End audio, worth millions, sound too good to take some bubbles! Stupid head guess work with our DIY poverty compared to, Hi-End audio must have lodged in the land of flying skills. At least audio magazines are written like this, is not it? In a chance, the Wealthy neighbors get a very Hi-End system, MarkLevinson after the class, FM front end, Watt / Puppy speakers, there Wadia CD discs (then still popular DAC). Hearing this news, I immediately rush to go home, all the way to, Hi-End that look like it? The back wall of the sound field must Zhizuan won, the United States takes a real instrument sounds normal ..... throwing dinner do not eat, I immediately ran to the neighbors to worship. Frankly, after listening for a minute, psychology is very disappointed, because it is not "amazing" sound. It is still sound, although more subtle, more refined, more substantial momentum, and then there is no hum beginner installed smoke regularly, but overall, this Hi-End audio has not brought me a lot of shock . Or just talking about the same: not too weird. I think many readers of the first question is: some speakers did not gracefully, space is not good, anyway, how to say, a thousand million wrong wrong, this is not the fault of millions of audio. Another question is: I really Johnson's ear, can not find any difference. 3 pages. 123 :

IR2526 Price

Himax 2007, cutting out the order of succession established King and IR2526 Price and King, respectively, and the main TV control chip LCOS Rear Projection Module 1 and other new generation products, which, bearing King about the recent introduction of strategic partners in the hope of effective integration of TFT panel, control chips, and LCD display manufacturers the resources to snatch a LCD TV monitor features both the future market will replace the pie. As Li Jing, also LCOS rear projection module has started to import brand mobile phone manufacturers in the industry and NB, the 2008 operation was also quite optimistic about the growth performance.

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