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Edit Comment: the perspective from the chip on the market as a rare use of IC chip manufacturer Freescale (subject to cost constraints, only the current market, the Sony e-reader, kindle, modern and IC IRF1404PBF and a few other brands using the chip) and electronic reader, the price of similar products in several thousand dollars are high, the modern HYV-E680798 yuan price was very close to the people. If the point of view from the screen, in the current number of first-generation E-ink with an electronic screen reader prices are still a thousand dollars, the use of second-generation E-ink screen support 16-level grayscale E680798 element Price also appears to be very value for money, friends who are interested may wish to store a look.

IRF1404PBF Suppliers

In addition, modern HYV-E680 also supports the FN key to switch to a screen, enabling the direction of the four-screen reading, the complete elimination of paper to read the book upside down in embarrassment. Capacity in the life of modern HYV-E680 supports continuous flip about 10,000 or more. Since E-ink screen is not turn over the page does not consume electricity, according to read 500 pages a day to calculate the modern HYV-E680 can be used continuously for 20 days and IRF1404PBF Suppliers and a range of very impressive.

IRF1404PBF Price

In the e-book format compatibility, the perfect modern HYV-E680 supports FB2, PDF, TXT, CHM, HTML, DJVU, EPUB, RTF, TCR, HTM, OEB, PDB, IW44, IW4, DJV, PRC, MOBI, OPF and IRF1404PBF Price and other e-book format directly browsing, support for BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF formats of comics, picture viewing and MP3 music playback.

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