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As the country's leading manufacturers of hardware design, the famous professional manufacturers of sound cards have a new National Day ooAoo big move, engineering card picture has been released: one is SQ210W, main chip by VIA, model point of view, DAC estimated or using the WM8740 level; another specific model SQ200A, but the main chip to see is CMI8788 chip similar to the estimated net output version is SQ717A. Maybe has a low chassis models are used for the PCI design, suitable for general chassis and IC IRF3703PBF and PCHT the short chassis, analog circuit parts are optional Golden Mask (shield) design and installation of pins bit of space, also used to replace the op amp design to facilitate the grinding of the fans favorite.

IRF3703PBF Suppliers

Climbing area with rolling my many years in the CG's capital, a friend asked me to market its latest product extension of the drawing board i608 ----- Where to do a test. Get our hands on products, packaging, style, using red melody, very beautiful (as shown ):

IRF3703PBF Price

Chartered 65nm brother in order to consolidate the status of recently announced factory will begin the next phase of Fab7 capacity expansion, Fab7 is a Chartered's most advanced fab rooms, concession expansion early next year after the 12-inch wafers per month to by the upgrading of the original 30000

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