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Ic IRF7309

1999 years, the electronic information industry to replace oil, steel and IC IRF7309 and other traditional industries as the worlds largest industry. 65% of economic growth in developed countries, and IC related. Generally believed that each element of the IC 1-2 output, will drive the electronics industry is about 10 yuan and 100 yuan GDP growth. Share of the worlds IC market in 2001, the U.S. accounted for about 40%, Japan 25%, 12% of South Korea, China is only 2.1%. Next 10 years, the world output of integrated circuits will continue to maintain a 15% annual growth rate in 2010 is expected to reach 6,000 to 8,000 billion U.S. dollars. In addition to regional differences, there are application segments market differences. RSComponents Another new idea in years of hard work in the MRO market, into the EEM (electronic, electrical and mechanical) fields, particularly in small batch manufacturing market (SBP).

IRF7309 Suppliers

With the significant reduction or cancellation of orders from overseas, the U.S. "subprime crisis" caused by the domino has spread to Chinas electronics manufacturing industry and IRF7309 Suppliers and to promote a new round of industrial restructuring and transfer. Pain caused by this, semiconductor distributors were also felt. However, Chinas semiconductor distribution market as part of a more specific, directory distribution, it seems does not matter. Relatively mature in the coastal and eastern regions the occasion of a downturn, the main competition, participants began to actively explore new areas and applications market, and confidence in the performance of this year.

IRF7309 Price

capacitor ten finalists for the selection of the top 20, Jiexi Kang manager Zhang Ning, said: "It was so much pleased with the support of the industry, In later development, Jiexi Kang will continue to maintain professional standards, and IRF7309 Price and customers work together to promote the development of the industry ."

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