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Ic IRF7319

Before, the reporter held in association with China Mobiles 3GTD Internet in the Zhaoyang M10W mobile Internet experience Sanyuanqiao business hall meeting was an insight into this TD netbook. According to product manager at Lenovo introduced, without the built-in 3GTD module, "bare metal" price is about 3,000 yuan. Products, though have been released, but the time to market, selling channels, the specific tariff standards have not yet determined, the current can only be carried out early in the Yi Dong Ying Ye Ting experience. But what is certain is that "products must be bundled and IC IRF7319 and mobile," while suggesting a TD about the charges in this case the Internet, "now ADSL monthly household use about 120, after the TD if the monthly charges of the Internet is 120, would you consider replacing the TD into the Internet faster it ?"

IRF7319 Suppliers

Well, 3G Internet access to should have the three "core", three strong "core" is behind the move, Telecom, China Unicom three operators, Choose the kind of "core", that means which operator customized services. At the same time, this is not just "core" competition, is "shell" of the contest. After numerous cultivars selected for the 3G Internet, the industry bluntly: "The core to find the shell, which is a permutation and IRF7319 Suppliers and combination, how many kinds of combinations you can imagine, just look out the effect of the combination ."

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It is understood by the computer as the carrier of the 3G broadband services are divided into two types: one is familiar to consumers on the USB external internet data card, but Now this card on the card from the original CDMA1X into the 3G data card now; the other one is now hot in the 3G Internet. And now the 3G is the netbook market access China Mobiles TD early release of the first place.

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