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Ic IRF7421

June 19 noted that according to the development of IC industry in Shandong Province based on the current provincial government to develop integrated circuit design and IC IRF7421 and raw material production as the focus, into an important domestic IC design and raw material production base. Construction of major support to Haier, Hisense, wave, Shandong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai International Microelectronics Center, Binzhou core subjects such as basic in the field of integrated circuit design and advantages of the integrated circuit design center, construction of Qingdao, Jinan IC design bases. It is understood that after a "Eleventh Five-Year" period of development, establishment and improvement of the basic benefit the development of IC industry in Shandong Province, the policy environment, support system and service system, and built 20 to 30 IC design centers, two integrated circuit design base, the formation of a large number of IC design companies, the external supporting enterprises, consulting services business, for the introduction of 3-5 integrated circuit chip manufacturers. Government pointed out that the IC business can be established in accordance with the economic efficiency of enterprises self-distribution of income incentives for enterprises to equity, options and other forms of income distribution workers and staff. Allow groups and individuals hold the patented technology and non-patent technology valued shares. Where from outside the enterprise into the patented technology and non-patented technology, can be directly discount shares in the enterprise. Scientific and technological achievements have been determined, the price ratio of the amount of the registered capital of up to 35%, such as investment otherwise specially agreed by the parties, the restrictions do not by this ratio.

IRF7421 Suppliers

old tree is 100 years old trees, of wood is rare and IRF7421 Suppliers and of historical value at home and abroad to commemorate the significance and important scientific research value of the trees. Where more than 300 years old, or have important historical, scientific value of the old trees is an old and valuable trees; the rest of the two old trees. Old trees of a country or region witnessed a long history and culture has important value of the humanities and science, to be plant experts as "a living heritage." Some of these old trees can be used as medicine, and some variation for the study of optimization of valuable tree species, some of it has ornamental value, and some is in itself a symbol and sustenance. To protect these precious historical heritage of life is very important.

IRF7421 Price

"Of course, at that time the property market in Hong Kong and IRF7421 Price and Macao are also the main target people, some Hong Kong Hawker often a shot to buy three or even more than ten sets of five sets unit. "Han said with one hand, the continuing real estate heat temperature, the products rely only on the one hand, Hong Kong and Macao people to consumption, supply exceeds demand," the resulting foam. "

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