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Ic IRF7456TR

of audio technology for the implementation of the concept of esteem ears, to let more Friends can listen to pro-ear ear domestics peak strength. With the DN-EX01 peak sound performance of sound science and IC IRF7456TR and technology the country's first "ears is a real, moving coil ear culmination of sound technology DN-EX01 thirty days unconditional return!" Activities. In the June 10, 2006 before the purchase of DN-EX01 customers unconditional return within one month after purchase! (Earplugs look no damage ) Headset An Run Fever Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai flagship store in Pacific Digital Plaza, No. 721 Zhang Yang III, Room 4111 Tel :021-58355844

IRF7456TR Suppliers

1.SmartQuickBoot quick start, after the first launch, the feature will automatically store important information system to reduce the re-start the self-test time, thus speeding up the system starts. After following the SmartTPM

IRF7456TR Price

In the ear pads, the headphone cable Pu C-730 silica gel with the import safety and IRF7456TR Price and environmental protection, feel soft and delicate, can provide wearing comfort unmatched in workmanship, silicone earmuffs and pronunciation cavity after the bonding drying method is not used, instead of using the natural dry, so the headphones produced good adhesion, no gaps in the

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