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Spring Festival holiday ended, students were back to school again, which means the market peak season DIY installed. Recently, a 2.1 speaker market in the near to wonderful touch, high-quality performance and IC IRF9520NPBF and a reasonable price to become the new darling of the market after the holiday speaker, popular throughout the country. It is the use of a class rubber paint skin feeling --- the design of innovative ideas Yingjia TOUCHQQ-003.

IRF9520NPBF Suppliers

According to incomplete statistics, from January to August 2006, Jiangxi Nonferrous Metal Industry 41.903 billion yuan industrial output value, an increase of 51.21%, of which 27.594 billion yuan provincial enterprises, an increase of 54.43%. The sales value of 41.219 billion yuan, an increase of 46.85%. Production of tungsten concentrate 26,641 tons, down 0.56%; concentrate 109,279 tons, down 5.72%; zinc concentrate 18,653 tons, an increase of 38.50%; 3908 tons of lead concentrate, an increase of 5.65%; bismuth concentrate 152.4 t , an increase of 8.39%; 1434 tons of tin concentrates, an increase of 35.03%. Completion of ten commonly used non-ferrous metals 357,300 tons, an increase of 3.76%, including: electric copper 305,700 tons, an increase of 1.08%, electric lead 31,477 tons, an increase of 22.40%, refined tin 2539 tons, an increase of 5.53%; gold ( with pigment production) 9006 kg, an increase of 20.45%; silver (with pigment production) 333,220 kg, down 4.40%; tungsten compounds, 31,901 tons, down 5.22%; APT 25,019 tons, an increase of 34.34%; blue (yellow) tungsten oxide 3696 tons, down 6.07%; tungsten powder 2731 tons; WC 2282 tons, an increase of 13.03%; 3220 tons of cobalt oxalate, an increase of 24.90%, zirconium oxychloride 11,179 tons, an increase of 25.47%; zirconia 1841 tons, an increase of 101.64%. Mixed rare earth oxide 5757 tons, an increase of 22.91%; group of rare earth oxide 2795 tons, an increase of 4.53%; single rare earth oxide 6089 tons, an increase of 15.80%; rare earth metals 6666 tons, an increase of 39.51%. Copper 275,346 tons, an increase of 40.24%; aluminum 7,393 tons, an increase of 13.15%; carbide 342 tons, an increase of 77.20%; shaped alloy 69 tons; micro-drill 2.24 million, an increase of 50.34%.

IRF9520NPBF Price

dealer: the dealer, the price is a means of promotion, this time go up, then the name of lower prices over time under the banner of the product price down to attract consumers to buy . But the promotion has been close to mid-summer, the display prices are soaring, it is a little problem. This shows that the monitor sold gone up, because Monitor

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