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Ic IRF9630

to manufacturing, the global polysilicon production capacity to grasp most of the United States, Germany, Japan 7 3 countries the hands of large companies, at present, the average cost of about 30 U.S. dollars / kg. Therefore, the current decline in the price of polysilicon can only say that a return to rational, and IC IRF9630 and can not be attributed to unhealthy competition businesses. However, the price does not mean that investment in a rational reason, according to the disclosure of each company expansion plans, the end of 2010, 7 polysilicon industry giants from the end of 2008 the total capacity of about 6 million tons / year will increase to 12 million tons / year.

IRF9630 Suppliers

C. sub method: according to the following Index Classification 1. Company Name 2 Contact and IRF9630 Suppliers and duties (to distinguish the boss, procurement) 5 3 Country 4 Country Code Phone Fax Mobile 6E-MAIL7 Website Address 8 9 11 supply to customer demand of 10 customers. conditional to customer preferences are together, such as by wine, color, wealth, air classification can.

IRF9630 Price

in the Chinese market supplier of automotive electronics is divided into three categories: foreign investment, joint ventures, domestic enterprises. In the nearly 3,000 companies, the market leader or a foreign-funded enterprises, such as Bosch, Delphi and IRF9630 Price and so on, these companies accounted for only 4.1% in volume, but they have won more than 56.4% of the market. As the field of auto parts in China to cancel restrictions on foreign investment than stocks, "foreign" of the joint venture become a trend in the auto parts business. Largest number of local enterprises, accounting for 80.2%, but from the sales point of view they can only occupy 32.3%. 4.s Archives : Many companies can reach the general merchandiser, you can take your time analysis. 5. Exhibition site development, the most effective and most direct. But many company bosses are deducted, would rather not take sales with Merchandiser to go. I have to come across such a company.

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