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Ic IRFB4710

illion dollar scale of the Chinese automotive electronics market is undoubtedly a big cake. "We have to do automotive electronics, completely out of market considerations, as the booming auto market, automotive electronics have been two or three years is fire, we are very optimistic about its future prospects. "One industry source told reporters Huicong said. In fact, since 2005, electronic and IC IRFB4710 and intelligent modern automobile has become the main direction of technology development, application of electronic technology to the car almost all the deep system. In the premium car parts in the proportion of electronic devices and even share the cost of more than 50%. Chinas automobile industry continued to flourish in recent years, consumer purchasing power, ride comfort for the car increasing demands for the domestic automotive market, which has brought great business opportunities.

IRFB4710 Suppliers

SiR880DP applications for communication isolated point of load DC-DC converter primary side switch is optimized. Very low on-resistance means that can reduce power consumption and IRFB4710 Suppliers and achieve a greener solution, especially in the standby mode, this light load conditions.

IRFB4710 Price

erformance Summary: LTC6992 ? Internal crystal oscillator o no o no timing capacitor ? simple to use 1-3 resistors set the o frequency range: 3.81Hz to 1MHz o the maximum frequency error of <1.7 % ? 4 Zhong available version of the definition of the minimum duty cycle limit o duty cycle is 0% or 5% o the maximum duty cycle of 95% or 100% ? PWM duty cycle is the maximum error <3.7% ? Frequency modulation (VCO) capabilities ? 2.25V to 5.5V single supply operation ? 100kHz when the supply current is 115uA ? CMOS output driver supply / absorption 20mA current ? Operating temperature range is -40 ° C to 125 ° C ? provide Flat ThinSOTTM and IRFB4710 Price and 2mm x 3mm DFN package

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