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Notebook chip coming in the form of what will be there? Recently, the responsible people talk about the Intel processors, said the future development trend of future performance, as always, in addition to the processor, power consumption, will also be a new fusion. The new Core product, the graphics display technology has been greatly improved and IC IRFI9Z34G and as the development of semiconductor technology, a number of other functional units can be placed inside the chip, which will bring many benefits to the computer, power consumption, the battery is more durable. First, the current Intel Core processor, the computer graphics functions integrated into one essential.

IRFI9Z34G Suppliers

Has been working closely with Intel MSI has the most comprehensive line of Intel-based motherboards. After the release of the P35 chipset, MSI is P35 motherboard introduced a number of breath, which not only design, built specifically for overclockers P35Platinum board, as well as for mainstream users seeking cost-effective design P35Neo-F motherboard, The most exciting is that the recent nationwide MSI to launch low-cost 999 yuan a 10,000 P35Neo-F motherboard. There is no doubt lower than the thousands of P35Neo-F motherboard so users do not have to spend more to enjoy the new platform will be able to experience, easy to use is the best value is not reflected in your.

IRFI9Z34G Price

Although the Samsung that will be an oversupply in the first quarter next year, but can not see the FLASH in the spot market release of new capacity, as well as Samsung, Hynix and IRFI9Z34G Price and with APPLE signing long-term supply contracts in the case of FLASH, the overall estimate of the quarter, still slightly out of stock market conditions. Light this year, overshadowed NAND Flash memory DRAM, the semiconductor industry caused by competing production, in addition to the original field to reign in the NAND Flash Samsung, Toshiba, but with Micron, Hynix, Powerchip Semiconductor and SMIC and other DRAM manufacturers have production capacity of some transfer of production NAND Flash. Followed by Micron, Infineon and Hynix / STMicroelectronics and other new companies also actively put into operation, its shipments are expected 8%, 441% and a staggering 332% growth in third Hynix / STMicroelectronics, its market in 2004 share of 5% is expected in 2005 and 2006 will reach 8% market share.

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