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Ic IRFU9220

industry experts, CBHD the technical specifications of core technologies with a number of domestic patents, using a wavelength of 405 nm high-density blue laser to read and IC IRFU9220 and write, CD-ROM capacity The increase in single-layer capacity of 15GB, respectively, and 30GB, enough to store a full high-definition video. Land of view, this makes our country in the Blu-ray Disc high-definition era with the field of the right to speak and make the existing industrial base in the disc can be fully functional.

IRFU9220 Suppliers

A person in charge of foreign brands on the 3D TV Xi'an market confidence, he said, there is an authoritative survey data to predict end of this year, 3D TV market share increased from the current 1% to 5%. Zhang and IRFU9220 Suppliers and consumers have failed to agree with, he believes that more than 20,000 yuan a TV prices are not every family can afford, while a small number of discs, expensive, and players must be matched and other issues have plagued consumer persons. According to the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce recently released "2010 3D TV consumer demand research report," shows, 3D TV consumer awareness and the expected purchase rate there is a big contrast. Data show that in nearly half of consumers plan to buy during the year, only 20.3% of consumers have enough to buy the idea of 3D TV. 3D TV, consumers can not accept the main factors, the lack of expensive and occupy the first two program sources, were 37% and 28.1%. There are consumers for a long time watching 3D TV, the viewer may experience discomfort and dizziness.

IRFU9220 Price

Three Nuomo machine contest along the way has been the concern and IRFU9220 Price and support from various quarters, from last year, three Nuomo machine players throughout the country. Suddenly get official information today, the second friction drive contest, a Shanghai station was an unexpected foreign players, his Chinese name is Hanoi (foreigner's name is not the same), it is learned that he submitted to Mount machine has been through, as no Mount Machine accident we will see him contest the scene. Let us look at the foreigner on the friction machine a unique view of what it !

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