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NXP LPC2478 microcontroller release of its new, integrated LCD support to provide flash-based ARM7MCU. The LPC2470 also introduced its non-flash version. The new microcontrollers with dual-ARM? High-speed bus (AHB), can achieve a variety of high-bandwidth peripherals (including LCD, 10/100 Ethernet, USB Host / OTG / device, and IC IRG4PC30U and two CAN channels) synchronous operation. The new NXP microcontrollers significantly reduce the cost, space and power consumption, is widely used in LCD panels, and network or Internet connection required for industrial, consumer, retail and medical systems products ideal. And LPC2470 NXP LPC2478 microcontrollers support most static LCD displays (up to 1024x768 pixels, 15 gray-order 24 bits per pixel monochrome and true color TFT panel.) For embedded systems designers, using the LCD can execute code on the chip, and the frame data from external memory can be made to minimize bus conflicts. In addition, the new controller provides 512KB, high-speed 128-bit embedded flash memory, with built-in error correction, as far as possible to ensure its reliability. LPC2478 and LPC2470 only single voltage (3.3V) power supply, has a unique real-time clock (RTC), and is equipped with a battery of 2KBSRAM, so the microcontroller in sleep mode consumes very little current, and in case of external interrupt or to user-specified time, the device can quickly resume work. And LPC2470 NXP LPC2478 microcontroller supports many peripherals, in addition to LCD interfaces, including Ethernet, USB Host / OTG / device, two CAN channels, four UART, I2C bus, three, two-input two-output I2S, SPI, SSP, RTC, ADC / DAC, SD / MMC card interface and connect SRAM, SDRAM and NOR flash memory of the external interface. Product supply and LPC2470 NXP LPC2478 microcontroller will be listed in April this year, these two micro-controllers are 208TFBGA and LQFP package.

IRG4PC30U Suppliers

Since the name is Big Mac, backing, of course very fierce, giant unprecedented Aurora 8600GT 1024MB video memory with the program, the graphics card is on the back of a total of 16 memory, memory interface 128bit. DMI's GDDR2 particles from the speed of 2.0ns, the frequency has reached 1000MHz, memory capacity to do the speed correct, greatly enhance the graphics game performance.

IRG4PC30U Price

"Earlier this year, Cadence outlined its expansion into related areas of system-level strategy, which is called the Sydney an important part of an initiative within the Alliance," Cadence products and IRG4PC30U Price and technology, executive vice president Jim Miller said, "C-to-Silicon Compiler is that we provide the first new product, which is part of our overall vision, so that customers can reduce the system specification and design to achieve between repeatedly, and IP creation and reuse to improve the productivity of designers, which in the consumer electronics, wireless and wired networking market is particularly important ."

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