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Ic IS61C1024-15J

Song of the U.S. launch of HD8800, the first time the application of portable digital audio players 1080P which, officially out of reach to enjoy the full HD video civilians gradually, so that the true audio and IC IS61C1024-15J and video market to full high-definition era. Enjoy hands like full HD movies friends, up will have a handheld "STORM" Song of the player known as the United States HD8800 take home.

IS61C1024-15J Suppliers

Alone is able to play Full HD 1080P Full HD movies, not enough to make songs into the United States HD8800 1080P HD era of the new leader. OTG unique features that make Google the United States with a variety of different devices HD8800 or mobile device inter-connection for data exchange, completely breaking HD8800 memory capacity constraints. In addition, to allow consumers to enjoy a long handheld high-definition video, song United HD8800 also comes with a 2000 mA large capacity lithium battery, plug in the headset can be used up to 6 hours of movie playback, 10 hours of music playback. Adequate power, enough to allow all consumers to enjoy the unique charm of songs !

IS61C1024-15J Price

United HD8800 STORM software was able to play the perfect 1080P Full HD movies, and IS61C1024-15J Price and its natural ability to decode computer equipment very powerful! And singing the U.S. HD8800 been able to play 1080P Full HD movies, is entirely built with the most advanced decoding core technology - telechip master plan, with the decoding technology, the perfect song to support the US-HD8800 Full HD 1080P 480P to any encoding format video, up to 50Mb stream decoding ability, without fear of playing card machines, mosaic and so on. This time the United States and HD8800 song by telechip master plan will bring the player features and performance leap !

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