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Ic IS61C1024-20J

Linear Technology introduced a new generation of ultra-high linearity direct conversion I / Q modulator LTC5588-1, the device of broadband in the 200MHz to 6GHz frequency range work. The new modulator offers the industrys best linearity performance, in the 2.14GHz frequency can be achieved under the conditions of 30.9dBm OIP3 (output third order intercept), and IC IS61C1024-20J and without calibration. The device also has a single pin of a DC input voltage regulation and a simple calibration of the unique ability to further optimize its OIP3 to up to 35.1dBm. A -160.6dBm/Hz noise level (in the case of 6MHz offset) of the LTC5588-1 gives the linearity performance of complementary, so that the transmitters dynamic range to achieve unprecedented performance.

IS61C1024-20J Suppliers

· Adaptive Digital Technologies (Adaptive Digital): Manufacturer Company take full advantage of field-proven Adaptive Digitals DSP algorithm and IS61C1024-20J Suppliers and the G. PAK framework that can support a wide range of applications, such as high-density VoIP, AT & ; T-certified G.168 echo cancellation, conferencing terminals and encoding conversion ;

IS61C1024-20J Price

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