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Ic IS61C256AH-12J

TSMC, UMC, ASE, silicon products, Powerchip, Nanya, force into other semiconductor manufacturers in the first half when the bullish market sentiment, have overweight capital expenditure for position, the most advanced process. TSMC, for example, annual capital spending heavily coded by the 4.8 billion to 59 billion (about NTD 1,872 million) to purchase the most innovative equipment, a solid 40 nm advanced process market share. In addition to high brightness, long life and IC IS61C256AH-12J and low thickness of the combination of external, Avagos ASMT-Mx00 1 W Power LED series is more in the production environment has a significant advantage, they can using conventional surface mount technology, welding, production costs to a minimum.

IS61C256AH-12J Suppliers

LED usually only work in DC, so the need for internal or external converter to convert alternating current to direct current. Nexxus said that this converter only increase costs, but also reduces the LEDs life, and IS61C256AH-12J Suppliers and can easily become a weak link in the system, which is alternating current (AC) LED advantage.

IS61C256AH-12J Price

Nexxus Lighting company SV Lighting business unit, said the technology has been patented, and IS61C256AH-12J Price and plans to launch this year for the commercial lighting market, the other 120V products. The product of 17 Acriche LED, power of 68W (each LED power 4W), the total amount of light output 1394lm, the efficiency of 20.5lm / w.

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