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landscape lighting applications of the main factors, Liang Bingwen that the following two points, first of all, there is no standard product design, product variety, prices vary widely, so that customers have no choice . Secondly, there are no standard design and IC ISD1420S and construction, protective properties, connectors, driver control technology, but related, resulting in actual use in the life of the product did not meet expectations. Sheng Chen also believes that technology to further improve reliability, design, construction to further enhance the level of the other, water treatment to be more reasonable. "According to incomplete statistics, landscape lighting of the LED, light the phenomenon of death and 50% were due to poor waterproofing cause." Sheng Chen said. Liang Bingwen recommended products for the mainstream market applications such as point light sources, light rails, light string, soft with light, etc., as soon as possible the relevant product standard. Meanwhile, as soon as the drafting of the landscape lighting lighting design and construction specifications, the introduction of landscape lighting energy conservation policy, the introduction of compulsory measures out of high energy consumption products.

ISD1420S Suppliers

COTCO (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Technical Manager, said Shao Jiaping, high brightness LED for outdoor landscape lighting, mainly in round lights, the main oval lights present a suitable surface mount products have gradually intervene in the market. "Overall, at present, landscape lighting, LED itself, high brightness, low energy consumption, long life, clean, and ISD1420S Suppliers and easy control characteristics, its market share increased, but large-s

ISD1420S Price

It is a total solution provider --- Solar Solar CEO at Ping Rong Jieshao Pune, Pune solar energy used in "condenser + film" technology, has made cell conversion efficiency of 20% or more, the company building the 3-megawatt thin film solar cell modules have already started trial production, and ISD1420S Price and lower production costs than ordinary films. LED provides full-color red, green and blue, lights glory easier to implement software programmable, LED light source more efficient and so on, these features make it light + filter than the traditional program with the technical superiority of the market has gradually started.

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