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rapid development of automobile industry in China, direct driven, 2007 Chinas auto electronics market continues unabated, the growth rate has increased compared to 2006, annual sales of automotive electronic products 121.57 billion yuan, an increase of more than 40%. After a growth spurt in 2003, from 2004, Chinas auto electronics market has entered a stable period of rapid development, sales compound annual growth rate of 38.5%.

ISL6549CBZ Suppliers

Over a period of time, SMD are the target market for mobile phones OLED, according to South Korean media reports, SMD's 3.5-generation OLED production line, has more than 90% yield, not only 3-inch-class panels phone no problem Even the 14-inch class TV panels are also easily dealt with. So from the first 3 quarter of 2009, SMD has entered the profit phase, the existing two production lines, monthly production of 22,000 has been able to yield, and ISL6549CBZ Suppliers and Samsung Electronics (SamsungElectronics) than the other competitive industry, as soon as possible to achieve this state behind the supply to the mobile phone sector orders, it will play a pivotal role.

ISL6549CBZ Price

Atmel (R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) today announced the launch of a new fully integrated capacitive touch screen technology maXTouch (TM), it brings the touch screen performance far beyond the current leading solution program. Atmels patented capacitive touch technology combined with a touch-sensitive features optimized with AVR (R) microcontroller, can achieve unlimited touch performance, the shortest response time and ISL6549CBZ Price and the highest acquisition accuracy.

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