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Linear launched 2A, 38V step-down switching regulator LT3480, the device has an input transient protection up to 60V. The burst mode (BurstMode) work in the no-load standby state to maintain less than 70uA of quiescent current. 3.6V to 38V input voltage range and IC ISL6605CBZ and 60V transient protection of the LT3480 ideal for applications in the automotive load dump and cold-crank conditions. Its 3A internal switch can deliver voltages as low as 0.79V up to 2A of continuous output current. LT3480 Burst Mode to work with ultra-low quiescent current, ideal for automotive or telecom systems applications, because such applications require "always-on" operation and require the longest battery life. Switching frequency is user programmable, the range of 200kHz to 2.4MHz, optimizing efficiency while avoiding critical noise-sensitive frequency bands. The 3mmx3mmDFN-10 package (or thermally enhanced MSOP-10E) coupled with high switching frequency allows the use of small external capacitors and inductors, it can be very compact footprint and has a thermally efficient solution. LT3480 high efficiency 3A, 0.25Ω switch, on-chip integration of the necessary boost diode, oscillator, control and logic circuitry. Low ripple Burst Mode operation at low output current to maintain high efficiency while keeping output ripple below 15mVPK-PK. Special design techniques and new high voltage process enable a wide input voltage range LT3480 enable high efficiency, while its current mode topology enables fast transient response and excellent loop stability. Other features include external synchronization (from 250kHz to 2MHz), a power good flag and soft-start function. 1,000-piece quantities, LT3480EDD and LT3480EMSE starting at $ 3.45, respectively, and $ 3.55. LT3480IDD and LT3480IMSE tested and guaranteed to operate from-40oC to 125oC junction temperature range of the work, to 1,000-piece quantities, respectively, per piece from $ 4.14 and $ 4.26. All versions are available from stock.

ISL6605CBZ Suppliers

8600GT is the DX10 graphics cards in the main terminal, able to smooth most of the mainstream to play cool games. Big Mac Aurora 8600GT core G84-303, frequency of 540MHz, 32 unified architecture with stream processors, the hardware fully supports DirectX10.0 effects, the game offers a more realistic picture quality and ISL6605CBZ Suppliers and delicate; also have hardware accelerated video decoding technology PureVideoHD, for HDMI / HDCP function provides complete support for bringing a new high-definition visual experience.

ISL6605CBZ Price

leader in global electronic design innovation, Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS), today announced the Cadence ? C-to-Silicon Compiler, which is a high-end integrated product that allows designers to create and ISL6605CBZ Price and SoC IP reuse in the process of increasing productivity 10 times. C-to-Silicon Compiler technology as innovation in the communications bridge between system-level model, they are often used C / C + + and SystemC languages, and register transfer level (RTL) model is usually used for testing, implementation and integration SoC. This important new feature for the development of new SoC and system-level IP, used in consumer electronics, wireless and wired network market companies, especially valuable.

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