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Ic ISPLSI2032VE-110LT44

"prices are six or seven times the energy-saving lamps, so the price is still difficult to be accepted by the public, but may be turning a year or two there." Deputy General Manager of Shandong Gold Bo Shen Yuesheng lighting that, even now do not have the LEDs ability to open the mass consumer market, but as a distributor of this line, you need to do to prepare to meet new market, always pay attention to price changes, sensitive sense of smell, or lose market opportunities.

ISPLSI2032VE-110LT44 Suppliers

up to, like Shen, Liang Haifeng the 360-degree three-dimensional luminous LED bulbs in China World Hotel, 21 hotels and ISPLSI2032VE-110LT44 Suppliers and other public places LOGO and lighting on the trial, 1 watt LED lights and promised to replace 15-watt incandescent, the effect is the same customer has won recognition, and open a high-end hotel market. But for LED products, lamps and other government bidding public projects is, of course into a big market, but, if they can enter the mass consumption, to enable ordinary people to use energy-saving lamps such as LED lights, like consumption, the market of the imagination to infinity.

ISPLSI2032VE-110LT44 Price

Beijing Foreign Studies University had been using 250 watt mercury lamp lighting the traditional understanding that the same brightness LED lights only need 75 watts is very interested, and ISPLSI2032VE-110LT44 Price and Shen of the contacted. "For these customers, we do not first bargain, all the effects prevail." Started from December 2008, Shenyang has set up free of charge to the school Jizhan LED lights, has been test to early March 2009. Over the past three months, the effect is obvious. Although the price of LED lights mercury lamps expensive than the original double, but the Journal of the proposal to the customer to calculate, through conservation of electricity, 2 to 3 years can earn by saving costs. Meanwhile, LED lamp life of at least 10 times the traditional mercury lamps can save the cost of each purchase. Because LED lighting to the original customers do not understand a set of solutions, Shen was finally reached to expand its business to the university campus.

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