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loss of course not only occur between these giants, the Ministry of Information Industry statistics show that: in the first half, the electronic information industry was 1.28377 trillion yuan sales income, an increase of 20.2% over the same period last year decreased by 24.1 percentage points; industrial added value was 271.99 billion yuan, an increase of 21.1% over the same period last year down 25.4 percent, the contribution of the national industrial growth rate of 10.4%, compared to 19.7% last year the contribution rate, a decrease of nearly 10 percentage points; profit 42.11 billion yuan, down 4.1%. UWB technology uses radio pulses, firefighters can be used to smoke inside a building, with other firefighters as well as to determine the relative position of fire trucks.

IT8705F Suppliers

October 26 News was the worlds third largest plasma display panel (PDP) maker Samsung SDI said Wednesday by production problems and IT8705F Suppliers and falling prices dragged down in the third quarter net profit fell 49%. According to Reuters, showed a profit, Samsung SDI in the third quarter net profit of 400 billion won ($ 41,860,000), compared with 77.9 billion won last year fell 49% from the previous quarter but up 32%, also higher than the Reuters survey analyst forecast of 259 billion won. Sales of 1.25 trillion won during the period, consistent with analysts estimates. PDP sales from 382 billion won last year increased to 4,200 billion won. Samsung SDI analysts also forecast fourth-quarter sales will grow further. In 2005 Samsung SDIs PDP worlds largest producer, but this year has been Japans Matsushita Electric succession and domestic LG Electronics catch up. Analysts said Samsung is a major problem facing the problem of production capacity and product yield is low. Samsung SDI will start mass production from January next year, active-matrix light-emitting diode (AM-OLED) display, and established the account for 30% of the market and become the largest manufacturer in the target market. AM-OLED display image brightness higher, faster response time and lower power consumption, is considered a promising next-generation display. Samsung will also launch a new PDP production line. Analysts pointed out that as the initial lower yield, Samsung SDI fear next years profitability will be further affected. Thales spokesman said the new system according to a new kind of radio signal, called ultra-wideband (Ultra Wide Band; UWB), for a very short distance , high data transfer rates online.

IT8705F Price

1 to 2 months of this year, Guangdong exported 107,000 units washing machine, an increase of 55.8%, but the average export price of only $ 135.2 / units, down 27.3%. Experts believe that low-tech washing machine export in Guangdong is caused by "a quantity of priceless," the main reason. conventional GPS (Global Positioning System, GPS) equipment in the room completely useless, because the signal becomes weak in a building, often interference will be obstacles, resulting in signal noise.

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