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Ic JLC1562BN

1, the industrial structure is more similar to the characteristics of advantage is not prominent. the recent depreciation of NT dollar broke 33 yuan, plus oil prices are down and IC JLC1562BN and no major raw materials price fluctuations, PCB industry is beneficial, but due to U.S. sub- credit crisis triggered a global financial tsunami, causing stock prices, thus influencing consumer electronics products to the PCB industry, the manufacturers of all cautious in their operation. for system administrators, in December will be a busy month. And in November a week ago, Microsoft just released two upgrades.

JLC1562BN Suppliers

It is reported that this is the first low-cost education PC Internet advent of the face, but since 2008, the Internet has been expanded to target customers in mature markets and JLC1562BN Suppliers and emerging market consumers and small business users. Gartner analysts said the proportion of consumers to buy the Internet will account for about 70% of its sales. As the Internet and the performance gap between notebooks large, estimated that the Internet does not erode the mainstream notebook market. But may change in 2010, then, high-performance Internet will erode the low-end notebook computer market; if the Internet performance significantly, the Internet business users will also increase. According to market analyst firm Gartner expects the low-cost online computer sales will increase in 2009 to 21 million units, compared with 11.7 million units last year, sales nearly doubled.

JLC1562BN Price

Course, there are nostalgic, Miss Xie home choice is incandescent, and JLC1562BN Price and her reason is that the lights too bright energy-saving lamps, incandescent lighting is more natural mild, only the family atmosphere. Miss Hu adopted a compromise approach: living room with energy-saving lamp, incandescent lamp study.

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